Arrive and Drive

Arrive and Drive

Arrive & Drive

Arrive & Drive Indoor Kart Racing

Arrive & Drive racing is first come, first served. Click here to check our private events before you visit. 


MON-THU – 12:00PM – 10:00PM

FRI – 11:00AM – 11:00PM

SAT – 10:00AM- 12:00AM

SUN – 10:00AM – 9:00PM


1 Race – $25
2 Races – $44
3 Races – $60
5 Races – $95
8 Races – $130
50 Races – $675
110 Races – $1,350
* Taxes not included

Pure Electric Racing


Our nationwide indoor go kart racing locations are open to the general public 7 days a week when not reserved for a private event. Our Arrive & Drive racing allows individuals to come in and compete for the fastest lap against friends, family and other racers. First time drivers will receive a mandatory briefing session on rules and safety. After each race, you’ll receive a race result sheet that allows you to compare your times and overall rank against other drivers. And you can even check your results online to see how you fare against the best of the week or month.


Our Arrive and Drive is perfect for groups who want to come in and experience the competition, thrills, adrenaline, and excitement or racing in a convenient, accessible, and affordable package. For individuals who are looking for the ultimate indoor go kart racing experience in locations nationwide, K1 Speed also offers a variety of race events, including instructional classesChallenge GP, Junior League, and Challenger Series.


At K1 Speed, we are dedicated to our customers, to indoor karting, and to motorsport. We invite you to come in today to enjoy the indoor karting, entertainment, and memorabilia collections at each of our locations.


All racers need to have a signed waiver on file in their account. Please click the links, download the waiver, fill them out and bring them in when you come to the location.

height requirement

Height Requirements

Junior minimum height requirement is 48″ (121.9 cm)Adult minimum height requirement is 58″ (147.3 cm). No mixed Adult and Junior races.