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All Hail The New K1NG OF SPEED!


Article written by Daniel Demaras

The annual K1NG OF SPEED tournament took place at K1 Speed Toronto on Thursday, October 10th, 2019. Reigning K1NG, Abrar Khan, was unable to defend his crown, recovering from a hamstring injury, meaning that in 2019, a new K1NG would be crowned.


16 skilled racers took to the track to compete in a tournament event, where they’d be paired off with a rival. They’d compete in a race to set the fastest lap time, and the faster of a set of drivers over the course of two racers would advance to the next round.


Daniel Chu, Daniel Demaras, George Stanchev, Daniel Da Silva, Ivanov Do Vittoria, Victor Zdanski Mashaal Memon and Jack Da Silva moved on to the quarter finals, all setting very quick times, with 5 drivers hitting 22.2 seconds, and Demaras hitting 22.0.


Chu, Demaras, Zdanski and Di Vittorio made it through to the semi final, and as Chu beat Di Vittorio and Demaras beat Zdanski, it would be a battle of the Daniels for the final.


In the first of two 8 lap races, Demaras hit a 22.3 second lap time, going about a tenth faster than Chu in a tight and tense session. They began trading the top spot on the second race, before Daniel Chu set a 21.997, only hundredths of seconds off the lap record at K1 Speed. As the checkered flag flew, Daniel Chu was crowned the 2019 K1NG of Speed.


The 10 race package and admiration of his fellow drivers won by Chu is sure to bring him back to K1 Speed to try and get even closer to the lap record, and everyone else will be hungrier than ever to take the top spot. It was an incredible night of racing, and solidified Daniel Chu’s reputation as one of K1 Speed’s best drivers, and crowned him the K1NG of Speed.

Daniel Demaras is a 16-year-old karting enthusiast who shares his passion for karting on both the outdoor and indoor tracks, including K1 Speed. Daniel races for Professional Racing Ontario.  Learn more about Daniel on his website www.demaras.com


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