Arrive & Drive - It's That Easy!

Hello Summer


This summer, there’s one thing you need to do before you go back to school...


K1 Speed is designed to be the easiest, safest, and fastest way to get your adrenaline pumping in the world of racing. When we say “Arrive & Drive”, we mean it! Whether you are a professional driver, a future champion in the making, or this is your first rodeo, simply show up to the K1 Speed track at Downsview Park (Toronto) , get briefed by our trained staff, and we provide everything that you need to hit the track! After each race, you will receive a race result sheet, which will allow you to compare your lap times and overall rank against other drivers. Go online to compare your lap times against the best of the week, and month!


With most other forms of racing — there’s known to be such a steep barrier of entry and a complicated mess of details to get involved. Not only that, racing equipment is flat out expensive! Then, you factor in the price of spare parts, tires, fuel, tools, and entry fees — it’s enough to never even consider getting started. But, we believe racing should be more accessible. Our mission was to create a program that is perfect for individuals or groups who want to come in and experience the thrills of competition, adrenaline and racing, without the hassle, time commitment, or expenses that normally comes along with the sport. At K1 Speed Toronto, we have also given Indoor Karting a special twist by adding a variety of bespoke racing events such as our Karting Academy, Drift Night, Challenge GP, and other fun competitive events.


Now this isn’t just designed for drivers who are new to the sport. Some of our regulars at K1 Speed are professional drivers who can’t always find the time to head out to their closest outdoor racing facility. K1 Speed gives them the chance to stay sharp all year round, allowing them to get some valuable track time within their tight schedules! As Racing Driver TJ Fischer told us in an exclusive interview, “In between races, my routine includes simulator work, an intense fitness routine, a study of my next track, and now that I have a karting facility right next to my home, I have added karting as one of my main focuses to stay sharp in between races. The way things happen in a go kart, are extremely relevant to my LMP3 car, and the types of reflexes required to be fast are the same.”


Another thing that sets our Arrive and Drive programs apart from others in the industry, is that our go karts are emission free, and fully electric. This means that you can come to our facility, and not be choked up by all the fumes and smells that are normally associated with the sport. These electric engines allow our go karts to reach speeds of up to 45 mph, which is the fastest in the industry, and the torque of the electric engine is unrivaled by traditional combustion engine. With automotive technology going more and more towards emission free, it was only a matter of time before Professional Racing adopted these technologies, and we were there to follow them as pioneers into Zero Emissions racing.


We invite you to come in to our amazing facility to enjoy indoor karting, great food, an awesome arcade, our unique Paddock lounge equipped with motorsports memorabilia collections at our facilities, which are open to the general public 7 days a week! Our arrive and drive programs require no reservations, just arrive and DRIVE!


Zero Emissions, 100% Adrenaline