The Road to the K1 Speed Canadian Championship Begins Now!

So you think you’re the fastest racer on the track? Now is your time to prove it. We’re looking to crown our first-ever Canadian karting champion, and qualification for the inaugural K1 Speed Canadian Championship begins now!


What is the K1 Speed Canadian Championship? 

This is a one-day tournament to be held in January 2022, where the winner will move on as Canada’s representative for the K1 Speed World Championships.  The Tournament will follow our popular K1NG of Speed tournament format to ensure a completely equal playing field for all participants.


How Can I Qualify?


The only way to qualify is to come out and race! The top 16 racers with the highest K1RS points by the end of the year will be invited to compete in the K1 Speed Canadian Championship tournament, where the winner will be crowned our national champion. You have until December 31st 2021 to collect as many K1RS points as you can to make it into the Top 16 and secure your spot in the championship tournament, which will be held in January 2022.


Racers must collect a minimum of 2500 K1RS points by December 31st 2021 to qualify for the championship tournament.


What’s The Prize?


The K1 Speed Canadian Champion will win the grand prize of $3000, and some serious bragging rights of being the BEST racer in Canada!


First Place: $3000

Second Place: $1500

Third Place: $500

The first-place winner also qualifies to compete at the K1 Speed World Championships in 2022 against the best K1 Speed racers in the world for a chance to win even more great prizing!




How do you collect K1RS points?


Show up and race! Every new racer starts with 1200 points, you get 2 points for racing in a race, and 2 points for every racer that you beat in that race.


In addition, you get 2 bonus points if you have the single best lap time and 2 bonus points for having the best average lap time.


What location is this event being held at?


This is a Canada-wide championship, you can qualify for the championship at both the Toronto and Montreal location. The location and date of the final championship race will be announced at the end of the qualifying round and held in January 2022.


How old do you need to be to compete?


All racers must be 14 years of age or older to compete.