Explore the Benefits of Electric Go Karts

K1 Speed Benefits of Karting


There’s nothing worse than inhaling powerful fumes from vehicles, so why would you want to experience that during what should be an extremely fun activity? Thankfully, electric-powered go-karts have been quickly replacing their gas-powered predecessors ever since their release, and are the only go karts available at K1 Speed Canada! The rise of electric karts has provided so many advantages and benefits and here are just some reasons why you'll enjoy driving electric-powered go karts so much more than gas powered.


Fast Acceleration


Everyone has an inner need for speed and if yours is not already unleashed, it’s waiting to be. The engines on electric go karts are much more efficient and not only do they accelerate faster but they outperform gas models in terms of overall performance and handling. Trust us, it's hard to tip one of these karts over and you’re guaranteed to get a faster first lap time from an electric engine.


Easy to Start


The electric karts come equipped with an ignition switch unlike the gas go-karts. Simply turn the key and you're off to the races – literally – it’s that easy!


Environmentally Friendly


In today’s world, we believe it’s important to actively do our part to help take care of the environment and these go-karts contribute to the cause. With the rest of the planet changing over to electric cars, SUVs, vans and trucks, it's about time that all go-kart facilities follow suit!


Less Noisy


We all know how awfully noisy gas-powered karts can get when they're running. A huge benefit of the electrically-powered alternatives is the fact that they run much more quietly and efficiently than gas models.


At K1 Speed Canada we exclusively use electric karts due to their superior performance and low impact on the environment. Our karts provide instantaneous maximum torque and they have the ability to be programmed to a speed that is pre-set ahead of time to accommodate for added safety and different skill levels.


For an adrenaline-boosting and zero-emissions experience, consider visiting with friends or planning your next birthday party or corporate event at our newly-renovated facility! It's an experience that you and your co-racers will definitely never forget! To learn more about go-karting for groups or individuals or to book an appointment please zoom on over to our website at www.k1speed.ca today!