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Lights Out and Away We Go!

For the first year ever, we’ll be hosting our very own Fantasy League with some pretty sweet prizes! 


It’s time to put your (virtual) money where your mouth is and pick your top racers. Each participant will have a $100 million dollar budget to pick two constructors, and five drivers. Price changes will occur once per week, at the start of each new race week. And fastest lap points for the constructors will be added to the points already scored by the two drivers of that team. 




Weekly 1st Place Winner: 2 races

  • If there is a tie, we’ll use a random selector to pick a winner. 


1st Place: 20 races ($590 value)


2nd Place: 10 races ($295 value)


3rd Place: 5 races ($148 value)



You could win sweet prizes during races and make each Grand Prix more exciting by joining our K1 Speed Fantasy league! Participants of the K1 Speed league will be added to a private Fantasy League chat to discuss all things racing.



This is your chance to put all of your racing knowledge to the test and win free races at K1 Speed Canada. All of your selected drivers and constructors score points based on how those specific drivers perform in the real world. Recently updates were shared for the 2023 Fantasy season, learn more about points, changes to the 2023 program, boosters, substitutions and power-ups!



Step by step: 

  1.  Sign up at https://fantasy.formula1.com/ or download the app 
  2. Join the K1 Speed Canada League (Code C7JLWHQQM04)
  3. Make your selections, but watch your budget. 100 million can go quickly!



Create a Fantasy League account here: https://fantasy.formula1.com/en/leagues/join/C7JLWHQQM04. 


Or use code C7JLWHQQM04 to join the K1 Speed Fantasy League. 



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