Go Kart Racing: An Excellent Team Building Activity

Are you looking for a solid team-building activity for your company? Do you want to get a group of your closest loved ones together to celebrate a big occasion? If so, you need to learn all you can about go-kart racing. 


Go-kart racing has many benefits to consider as a choice for your group activity. It's an easy event to coordinate, everything you'd need is all in one place, and the venue is large enough to have big groups.


See below for an in-depth guide on what makes go-karting one of the best indoor team-building activities out there.


1. It's a Feel-Good Activity


Did you know that go-kart racing can positively affect your biochemistry levels? When you get excited, going fast and taking turns like a real pro - that state carries into the rest of your day. It can improve the function of the brain and ensure that the entire team is energized and having a blast. 


There's no denying the thrill you'll get when you race in a go-kart. That rush of adrenaline releases another chemical in your body: dopamine (also known as "the feel-good hormone"). This little chemical is essential for the health of both your body and brain. 


With that rush of dopamine, your entire team is guaranteed to have a good time. The excess dopamine can also kickstart conversations among the group; in other words, it helps "break the ice," as the saying goes.


Imagine seeing all your employees or loved ones smiling from ear to ear from pure excitement. It's one of the best team-building activities for adults because it helps them release the kid inside them. You'll see a side of them that you've never seen.


Everyone will be buzzing after each round. There will be a little friendly competition brewing between a few of the go-getters in your group. This camaraderie is essential for helping your members find common ground. Once they do, authentic relationships will start to form.


2. A Team-Building Activity Like No Other


We've all become victims of the needless team-building activities that our company has put us through. For example, Human Resources departments require people to attend mandatory meetings or organize exercise classes that few people attend.


To build genuine team chemistry, you need a memorable occasion. Something that stands out because it was an off-the-wall event. That's precisely what you'll get in go-kart racing. 


The second you announce it to your staff, everyone will be excited. You can make it extra special by letting everyone off early to attend the event or allowing people to bring their spouses, children, etc. 


It gets everyone from your company under one roof. It gives them the chance to step outside their usual departments and connect with those they haven't had the opportunity to talk much with on a regular workday. 


Having more connections inside the company will help your employees to feel more included in the operations. Those that feel included are 50-per cent less likely to quit, helping you keep your top-tier talent in-house. 


Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves, something they can take pride in. By putting together fun team-building activities like go-kart racing, you'll show your staff that your company is more than just the logo.


3. Variations of Fun for Everyone


If you've ever tried to organize a big group event before, then you know how stressful it can be. For example, you reserve a large table at a restaurant and then find out that 40-per cent of those attending doesn't like the food they offer.


That isn't a problem with go-kart racing. It's the type of event that everyone is willing to try, even if they aren't the competitive type.


It's one of the rare events that offer different degrees of fun. Those fiery and competitive will enjoy racing each other and lapping around others. But, at the same time, those who are more laid back will still enjoy the thrill of driving on an indoor go-kart track.


If you want to create an event that everyone will enjoy, be sure to book a corporate event here at K1 Speed.


4. One-for-All Event


Every business leader knows that planning a team-building activity with multiple locations involved can be a nightmare. 


While you might want to treat them to food and fun, booking two separate locations can be an issue. Some employees might not even show up for the second event.


We have everything that you need in one location. Our corporate events offer private meeting rooms, catering options, full location buyouts, and individual track rentals. Your group will be filled with delicious food and beverages, then enjoy hitting the track in our state-of-the-art go-karts.


5. Easy Event for Everyone


Some Employees may not want to learn a new skill set to enjoy team-building activities. Instead, they want to enjoy the event without putting much thought into it (especially if they worked all day before it). 

Everyone understands the concept behind driving a go-kart, and it's safe! All they have to do is follow the quick instructions from our staff, and they're ready to enjoy the race!


Even better, go-karting is one of the few events where you get just as much enjoyment from watching it as you do being involved in it. They'll have a smile on their face, even while waiting in line.


Invest in Go-Kart Racing for Your Next Team Building Activity


Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on why go-kart racing is such a great team-building activity be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this article for more information on why you should have a go-kart racing party at K1 Speed. If you are looking to organize a Team Building or Corporate event at K1 Speed, visit our Corporate Events page for more information.