3 Reasons To Have a Go Kart Racing Party at K1 Speed

GROUP PARTY k1 speed

A go-kart racing party is an exciting experience for people looking to throw a fun-filled event at an adrenaline-packed venue. Whether it is a birthday celebration, a bachelor party, corporate event, or family bonding get-together, it will be a party to remember for all those invited.



Here are our top three reasons why you should host your next go-kart racing party at K1 Speed:



1. Bond over friendly competition

There is nothing like a little friendly competition to bring people together! Competition works as motivator because it pushes us to exceed both our own capabilities and those of our friends, family, and coworkers. K1 Speed is an inclusive, safe venue for all to experience the benefits of friendly competition. Celebrate your wins in style like a true F1 Racer on our winner’s podium, perfect for group pictures of your memorable one-of-a-kind event.



2. Experience an adrenaline rush in a safe environment

There is no doubt that go-kart racing is a fun, adrenaline pumping experience, but you may be wondering if it is safe experience as well. K1 Speed takes safety very seriously, we have non-negotiable safety measures on our tracks to ensure all racers are safe at all times.


Our racers height is measured prior to racing and they are inspected while seated to ensure their legs are long enough to safely reach the pedals and their arms are long enough to comfortably reach the steering wheel. Furthermore, all of our karts are electronically controlled, meaning if for whatever reason a kart needs to have the speed adjusted or be stopped our Track Master can do so remotely ensuring the safety of everyone on our track.


All of our karts have a 4-point seat belt harness to ensure racers are comfortably and safely strapped into their karts.


And our tracks have state-of-the-art safety barriers. No old tires, or plastic blocks here! Our Protex barriers are a patented barrier system used at only the best go-karting facilities in the world. They are super flexible, and essentially unbreakable with a shock-absorption mechanism that ensures the right amount of absorption is provided on each part of the track.



3. Fun for all ages

Let’s face it, sometimes parents need to sacrifice their fun for their children’s enjoyment. Not anymore! K1 Speed is thrilling for both kids and adults, and we have specialized karts for both Junior and Adult racers to experience the adrenaline rush at your next event. No need to leave the kids with the babysitter for this party!



Treat your guests to an out-of-the-ordinary and exhilarating party that will have them talking about their experience for years to come.