Hot Wheels Victory - Winning on the track and in life

K1 Speed Hot Wheel Junior Grand Prix


July 13th 2018 will be forever engrained in the memory bank of young Isaak Godana, winner of the K1 Speed /Hot Wheels contest.  At age 12, this was just one of hundreds of races that young Isaak had won since he started karting at the age of 5.


Following his dad’s passion for F1 and karts, Isaak started his karting career at an age when he was almost too young to remember even getting into the kart, but recent enough for him to recall his first suit being to big for him.  With his dad, Nura Godana by his side and as his coach for the last 7 years, this incredible duo have toughed it out on the track to glory and surpassed the notion of incredible in life too.



On March 4th 2015 Isaak’s dad Nura suffered a triple brain aneurysm causing short and long memory impairment, as well as speech and language challenges.  Following risky surgery and complex issues with his left side movements, Nura fought the toughest fight of his life to relearn everything; not only for himself, but also for his family and to ensure that Isaak’s karting career would get back on track.   One year later (March 4th 2016) Nura learned that they would be blessed with another child and this propelled him fight even harder for what matters – Isaak’s karting success.


With ownership of his professional kart plus a driven and ambitious attitude, 2016 and 2017 became bumper years for Isaak, finishing in the top 5 of every race, despite the mechanical problems.  His commitment to being at the track twice a week to practice and race every 2nd weekend never faltered.  Isaak’s love of the sport, the feeling of speed, the straightaway runs and the thrill of the track are what keep him (and his dad) at the track, and of course at K1 getting ready for the final challenge in San Francisco in September.


While physical fitness is key at any sport, the mental attitude of the driver is just as important.  Isaak has taken the best of the life’s lessons from his father who in turn has taken chapters from his personal challenge and shared what winning means with others who have endured injuries much like his own, inspiring them with lectures and seminars on how to overcome and get back on track.  To quote Isaak, “dad is better as a coach than any hired guy!”


Isaak Godana On Track


Isaak fondly remembers his competition strategy of trimming his lap time in the final Hot Wheels race.  Smaller inputs, moving forward in his seat and pushing ahead with his whole body.  Despite the final race being a rush of adrenaline and nothing like any other kart race he had ever competed in, Isaak’s victory at K1 was exuberant and proud.  Conquering the track, beating his peers (many of which are regular competitors) and taking home 1st place of the Canadian division of the Hot Wheels race, will go down as one of the coolest experiences for him and his family.  Just as Naru says, “making memories is what matters most”; and there are certainly more to be made as Isaak heads to the USA for the first time ever!


Best of luck Isaak from the team at K1 Speed Canada.