Indoor vs Outdoor Karting: What Are The Differences?

Indoor vs Outdoor Karting: What Are The Differences?

In 1956, Art Ingels created the first go-kart in Los Angeles. Sixty-six years later, go-kart racing has become a professional sport in some countries.  


But you don't have to be a professional athlete to be behind the wheel. All around North America and in certain parts of Europe, go-kart racing is an enjoyable hobby enjoyed by millions of people. 


Indoor and outdoor go-karting have similarities. But they have many more differences that will affect your experience in the sport. 


Read on for a guide to help you understand what makes these two choices so different. This will help you make an easier decision.  



What Is Go-Kart Racing? 



A go-kart is a small motorized, 4-wheeled car with a rear engine. It's designed to be driven by people of varying ages around a track or field. It features a steering wheel and, depending on the model, different numbers of pedals. 


Go-karts in 2022 are a lot more secure compared to earlier versions. Protective gear makes use of today's technology. The tracks are better maintained and require indicators, catch traps, and a safety catch fence to prevent as much injury as possible. 


This makes the sport friendlier to those with children in their families.


Of course, there are different types of go-karts, depending on the track. Most places rent their go-karts, while others are for more advanced racing go-karts designed for racing.






Indoor and outdoor go-karting share more similarities than just their names and the fact that they're both fun things to do. Take a look at two of them below. 






When going go-kart racing, it's important to wear comfortable clothes. In addition, go-kart companies will usually have safety gear such as helmets and racing suits to keep you safe on the track. 


Whether you go indoor or outdoor go-kart racing, you must be properly dressed to be allowed to drive.



The Rules 



In both situations, safety is always a priority. As mentioned above, your clothes can be a part of your safety gear. 


In addition, each company will have rules on what you can and cannot do. Therefore, it's best to stick to the safety measures provided by the company. This way, you prevent causing injury to yourself and others.


Another part of keeping go-kart racing safe falls on the company. They have to ensure that all the go-karts used on the track are well maintained.






The similarities pretty much end there. However, indoor and outdoor go-karting have more differences that would appeal to different sorts of people.


Consider these few examples. 



Weather Conditions



With indoor go-kart options, you get to race without having to look out for the weather. Inside the building, you will experience a climate-controlled environment. This keeps you comfortable and away from the elements.


The same can't be said for outdoor go-karting. Rain and snow can affect conditions on the outdoor track. Serious drivers and professionals are skilled enough to drive on a wet track, but it won't be ideal for beginners. 


Additionally, you'll have to ensure that you're dressed warmly enough to prevent discomfort. 






Outdoor go-kart racing tracks are generally more spacious and spread out. However, it becomes more challenging to keep things safe. 


Indoor go-kart fields are smaller, but it allows staff to keep things controlled. Therefore, it's safer. 


The tracks are smoother and friendlier for beginners. When indoor go-kart racing, the safety standards and barriers can effectively prevent serious injury - making it a safe way to have a thrilling time.  






Indoor go-kart tracks are more conveniently placed in urban areas. Going to an indoor track would save you gas and money if you live in the city. In addition, you won't have to drive out into the country for a few hours of fun. 


We offer go-kart racing at two specific locations within the city. So make sure to check out the go-karting in Toronto. We also have a brand-new location in Mississauga!






Indoor go-kart racing tracks make use of the latest technology. In addition, the lights and decor are unique enough to make your experience more memorable.


Depending on the company, you can change the themes and moods of each track. This makes it perfect for special occasions such as parties and events. 






Indoor go-kart racing is ideal for beginners. The tracks are smaller and less intimidating. The go-karts are also slower. 


But it's important to note that advanced drivers don't miss out. Indoor go-karts have tracks that rely on your driving skill instead of speed. Electric karts used indoors are also incredibly responsive and accelerate and brake quickly. 


Outdoor tracks are designed for more experienced drivers. The tracks are wider, and the karts go faster, making them more prone to accidents if you're a beginner.






Renting out an outdoor go-kart location can be costly. Not to mention, you will have to drive out a little further to get to the location. The costs are slightly higher as these tracks are larger and require more maintenance. 


On the other hand, indoor go-kart locations are easier to find in urban areas. There is zero wear and tear from the weather, so the track and karts are always in excellent condition. Because of their efficiency and available equipment, indoor tracks are more accessible to more people.



Which Option Is Best For You? 



These are just a few of the factors you can consider. After all, indoor and outdoor go-kart racing are two different experiences. While both choices are great, indoor go-kart racing is suited for any weather, requires less preparation, and can be considered much safer. 


So when looking for locations to go indoor go-karting in Toronto, ensure that you find the right place to race. We at K1 Speed value your safety and comfort above all. 


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