K1 Speed Karting Academy - The perfect intersection of skill and speed.

K1 Speed Karting Academy


It’s hard to imagine that the thrill of kart racing could get any better than doing 14 laps at speeds of 45 km/hour, on a challenging track and with state of the art karts. Well, it can, when brilliant teaching and inspiration are brought together with a world-class professional and the talent of Patricio Jourdain.


On June 23rd and 24th Patricio Jourdain hosted full-day seminars at the Toronto K1 Speed location. Both classes were jammed packed, not only with keen students of all ages (Day 1 kids 8-14 and Day 2 for adults), but with unique information, training, and tactics to make everyone attending that much of a better kart racer at the end of the day.


Patricio is no stranger to speed, bringing his full complement of knowledge to the track and class.  He is best known for his career in Nascar and pushing the limits on lap times and pole positions. Patricio was able to share how the blend of adrenaline and the absolute skill of racing is what it takes to make every lap better and faster.  He was masterful at helping each student perfect every lap and every maneuver to reduce lap time and increase the rush of achievement.


During each day, Patricio imparted his years of knowledge in kart racing, in such a way that the 6 hours felt like just a fraction of that, and had every participant hungry for more.


The state of the art facility and emission-free electric karts made it the perfectly quiet and clean environment for such a day of learning.  With the meeting room positioned right at the track, every participant could take on the theory of karting and simultaneously envision every move and what to do with the track in front of them.


Both days brought to the fore great camaraderie and lots of cheering.  All eight kids and ten adults brought every bit of their energy, enthusiasm, and competitiveness to the day.  Regardless of age or skill, everyone that participated left with the excitement of coming back again.  Simply to race.  To beat their own time.  To practice what they had learned and to sign up early for the next academy that will be held at the K1 Speed Toronto track in late 2018.