K1 Speed Opens in Toronto – Fast, Fun and Philanthropic!

K1 Speed Toronto Now Open


Fun atmosphere.  Fast Karts.  Phenomenal turnout!  March 24, 2018, K1 Speed Canada celebrated the grand opening of its first location in Toronto Ontario. Located at Downsview Park, a well-known location for thousands who live in and around the city, came alive with a solid turn out of hundreds of adrenaline lovers and thrill seekers.


The new K1 facility proudly boasts a ¼ mile track, with just the perfect balance of speed and technical challenge.  Uniquely designed for the novice as well as the avid racer, the track has twists and turns in the right places and spaces to keep that adrenaline going, and for any age or level of racer to feel energized and accomplished after every race.


The VIP Guest of the night was Paul Tracy, who needs no introduction to racing circles and tracks, greeted almost 100 racers to the track.  Besides being a motorsport enthusiast and Indy champion, Paul Tracy is equally passionate about helping those in need and has over time donated thousands of dollars and countless hours to Make A Wish Foundation.   Guests of the K1 Speed Grand opening generously donated $465 to the Make A Wish Foundation at the event.


The environmentally friendly electric go-karts were, of course, the highlight of the evening.  Kart lovers jostled constantly to get a chance to drive the K1 Speed Karts that are considered to have the most powerful motors in all of Ontario.  Racers focused on the track and spectators had their eyes on the screens too as tension filled the air with every lap, with each race digitally clocked to see if anyone could beat the best time of 23.149 seconds per.  The challenger still awaits!


The K1 Speed state of the art facility is spread over 47,000 sq. ft. and is home to the finest indoor karting experience in Canada, boasting the latest model of the OTL’s kart for adults, and smaller versioned karts specifically designed for kids (height 48 to 58”).  The highest level of safety is upheld in every aspect of the track and it has the safest track barriers available.


Though the racing that night was spectacular, equally impressive was the facility itself, which features museum-quality racing decor, nightclub-style lighting, and a sophisticated Paddock Lounge where guests enjoyed delicious food and beverages in between racing sessions.


It was a night to remember especially knowing that there was simply Zero Emissions and 100% Adrenaline!


Congratulations K1 Speed Canada and the Toronto team.