K1 Speed Unveils Tire Throne: A Unique Blend of Art and Racing Excitement

Mississauga, Ont. – Toronto-based artist Briony Douglas has transformed the conventional use of tires, steering away from the typical roads and highways.


Breaking free from the conventional confines of transportation, Douglas infused a new life into the wheels, crafting a state-of-the-art custom throne, almost entirely from tires. Collaborating with K1 Speed, a leading player in the indoor karting entertainment industry, the throne was unveiled at the K1 Speed Mississauga location on November 22nd.


“Crafting a sculpture of this scale from tires provided a unique experience,” says Douglas. “The discovery of metal within the tires added an unexpected challenge, demanding extra manpower to navigate. But despite this obstacle, I am extremely happy with the outcome.”


Standing at a height of nine feet and spanning four feet in length, the throne was meticulously crafted over a four-week period. Its construction incorporated 120 recycled tires sourced from race cars, go-karts, automobiles and dirt bikes, exemplifying a commitment to sustainability throughout the project.


Douglas explains that the project’s reception ‘was exceptional,’ with people forming lines to capture photographs and relish the experience of sitting in the throne.


“Something I love to convey through my art is happiness,” says Douglas. “People standing before your art, immersing themselves in the experience, and physically engaging with it is truly rewarding.”


As part of the unveiling, K1 Speed organized the ‘Race to the Throne’ tournament, featuring 20 racers competing head-to-head for the coveted title of ‘King or Queen of Speed.’


Securing victory in the tournament was Dawson Campbell, the 2021 K1 Speed Canadian Karting Champion. Alongside Campbell, participants featured a diverse array of K1 Speed racers, and notable personalities, such as Donnovan Bennett, Sportsnet Host, Producer and Podcaster, as well as Tychon Carter-Newman, the Winner of Big Brother Canada Season 9.


“Experiencing a glimpse of the K1 Community was truly special,” says Carter-Newman. “While my performance on the track may not have been stellar, I had an incredible time at the event, and the throne was absolutely amazing.”


The throne is set to eventually make its rounds to the Toronto and soon-to-be-open Cambridge locations, but it will remain at the Mississauga track for the time being. This decision aligns with K1 Speed’s plans to host another ‘Race to the Throne’ event in mid-January.


“Every facet of the night was truly incredible,” says Kevin Abela, General Manager of K1 Speed Mississauga. “Witnessing Briony’s dedication materialize in the unveiling of the throne, and observing seasoned racers contend with recognizable personalities for the coveted ‘King or Queen of Speed’ title was a fantastic experience for our community. I’m really looking forward to the next event.”