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Off To The Races!

Speed, technique and K1RS points brings on a chance to race at the K1 Speed World Championship


For any avid karting enthusiast, the winter can bring on doom and gloom as the outdoor tracks close. But for Daniel Demaras, he has brought his skill and passion to the indoor K1 Speed Toronto track. Smart for many reasons. He gets to keep his skills and reflexes sharp all year long. This driven and very focused 15-year-old fuels his passion for racing every week at K1 Speed Toronto. It paid off for Daniel when he accumulated 4000 K1RS points in 2018, which means that he goes to the K1 Speed World Championship in 2019 in California. Daniel will be the first ever Canadian to achieve this status.


Daniel and his dad bring their heat to the K1 Speed track at the Downsview Park Location in Toronto. No special booking needed. They Arrive and Drive! They challenge each other. They race hard and race often to keep beating their personal best times, and they strive to beat out the best race time of the week prior set by other racers. Mentally and physically they challenge each other to keep sharp. “Dad and Lad” time as they call it! Best of all, their time at the track is zero emissions, 100% adrenaline.


You too could be on your way to the World K1 Speed World Championship in 2020! We’ve made it easy for you by wiping the slate clean and re-setting everyone’s K1RS points back to 1200 as of Jan 1, 2019. Move fast and be part of this 31-Day K1RS Points Challenge to start building your points. Race your way to the 4000-point target with every race


Earn 2 Points for every race you enter, 2 Points for every racer you beat, 2 Points for the driver with the fastest lap of the race, 2 Points for the driver with the best average lap time.


Whether you are a hard-core karting enthusiast or just someone who enjoys the occasional race, get out of the cold and bring your energy to the K1 Speed Toronto track. Nothing could top the adrenaline of our track and karts other than racing in California in 2020!


Zero Emissions, 100% Adrenaline


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