Lapping it up at K1 Speed: Two Kids. Two Dreams. 2 Hot Wheels Winners.

K1 Speed Future Of Canadian Racing


Every kid dreams of the podium and the glory that makes every lap race of karting practice seem worthwhile.  Especially when dedication goes as far as being at the K1 track almost every day. The love of karting and the thrilling experience that the K1 Speed track delivers time after time, makes the commitment to beating your own time just that much easier.


The friendly competition was at its peak on July 13th, 2018 when Stefano Picerno, and Gianluca Savaglio brought their heat to the track for the K1 Hot Wheels competition. Dreaming of not only a winning place, but also a trip to San Francisco with their Dad’s (who are also their coaches) to compete against the top 6 USA Hot Wheels Champions.


21 highly motivated and excited kids turned up on the day.  After qualifiers and semi-finals, there was no guarantee who would take the top 3 spots, as it could be anyone’s race with ages spread from 8 to 14, differing weight, height and a vast array of experience.


13-year-old Gianluca approached the race with firm confidence after 5 years of karting experience and having won every level of karting races and awarded Junior driver of the year. He is also is as the proud owner of three of his own karts that he races on a regular basis through the year.  When racing at K1, whether you are in for fun or to win, his advice is  “not to use the breaks, just throttle down and keep going”.  He is addicted to speed; the excitement and challenge of every lap and the unpredictability of what fellow drives might bring to the track, making K1 the perfect place to be any and every day or month of the year.  Giana proudly holds the 2nd place spot in the K1 Hot Wheels Championship.


k1 Speed Hot Wheels Grand Prix on Track


Youngest in the final round of the K1 Speed Hot Wheels challenge was Stefano.  Just 9 years old and holding 3rd place on the podium, he is no stranger to the K1 track or other karting competitions.  Stefano loves winning, and holds over 200 records of victory on the karting circuit.  His passion for karting is endless and his regular schedule at the K1 track is testament to that.  After many days and hundreds of laps, Stefano boasts the fastest lap time at K1 Speed. He loves the consistency of the elements that the K1 Speed environment provides, and equally loves that adrenaline of pushing his limits time after time on a challenging indoor track and with state of the art electric karts.


Stefano has his sites set not only on a place in San Francisco, but longer term making it to F1.


We are super proud of you Gianluca and Stefano. Congratulations to you both! We are rooting for you to make those dreams a reality, and to bring home victory for Canada on September 13th!