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Skip Work, Race Instead

In case you needed another reason to use those accumulated sick days, starting September 9th play hooky with us and join us on the track for $20 races from 11am-4pm every Friday.


Are you a remote worker? Save your sick days. Why work from home when you can work from the track? It’s time to WFT [Work From Track]. We’ve got wi-fi, delicious lunch bites, and the perfect lounge aesthetic in-case your boss calls for a quick zoom call. They’ll never guess you’re at the track taking advantage of our sweet race deal.


*Offer valid on Friday’s from 11am-4pm only. Walk in racing only, no online booking available. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer valid at Toronto and Mississauga location.

  • Andre T

    LMAO. Great reminder. WFT Day!

    • K1 Speed

      See you on the track!

  • Darren

    Is that $19 for the entire period of 11am to 4pm?

    • K1 Speed

      You’ve got it! Each race is $19 from 11am-4pm on Fridays.

  • Genie

    how long does each race last for generally speaking? I understand it is 12 laps.

    • K1 Speed

      Depending on how fast you drive, roughly 10 minutes.

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