Safety and Speed: “A Winning Combination”

Since the early 1990’s, there has been a heavy push for increased safety in all of motorsports, starting at the top in Formula 1. At K1 Speed Canada (Toronto and Montreal locations), we take pride in being innovative by applying the latest tech and resources available. This not only improves performance but makes huge advances in improving driver safety through kart safety features, track improvements, and a staff trained to have a watchful eye to help keep drivers safe.


At K1 Speed, the only thing more important than the thrill of go-karting, is taking the proper safety precautions. That is why safety guides every decision we make. Safety is ingrained in our state-of-the-art karts, our industry leading track, and our dedicated professional staff. Here’s how:


Our Karts:


Driver safety starts in the kart. Every kart has a 4-point safety belt securing the driver at all times, and a safety roll bar to prevent rollover. In case of contact, all K1 Speed karts are equipped with a 360-degree surround polyethylene safety bumper cushion for maximum protection.


To accommodate drivers of all skill sets, variable speed settings can be adjusted to ensure control. Additionally, our staff can remotely shut-off karts for instant response to on track incidents.


Our Track:


Think back to your Elementary school science class, you may remember your teacher saying, “an object in motion stays in motion.” It’s basic physics, which is why having a track designed with safety in mind is such an important feature when it comes to indoor kart racing.


Our 50 000 sq. ft professionally designed road-course style tracks are intended to simulate all the elements of an authentic F1 racing circuit, including the latest safety features that get premiered in different categories of racing.


The track features an industry leading Protex barrier system that absorbs impact and retains the shape of the track, similar to the safety barriers seen at the Indy 500, or at many of the modern Formula 1 tracks. The Protex barrier is the safest and most advanced track barrier system in the industry.


Our Staff:


Driving properly is the most effective safety precaution. In order to not put yourself or others at risk, you must be familiar with your kart. That is why our dedicated and attentive staff at K1 Speed Canada offer training and instructional clinics available through our Karting Academy Program. If you are an inexperienced driver, it is highly recommended that you take a course to understand the basics of go-kart racing. Just remember, smooth is fast.


For more information about K1 Speed Canada, visit our website ( or simply come on by your local K1 Speed facility at Toronto (Downsview) and Montreal (Dorval), and enjoy our arrive and drive program or group events. Safe and fun can go hand in hand!