Take the 31-Day K1RS Points Challenge!

K1RS Points Challenge

This January, K1 Speed will be ringing in the New Year with a challenge that will test the fastest and most committed racers at our Toronto location.  Visit us all month long and participate in our 31 Day K1RS Points Challenge!



What is the 31 Day K1RS Points Challenge?

As we do each year, we’re wiping the slate clean and resetting everyone’s K1RS score so that we begin the month with an even playing field. That gives all our racers an equal opportunity at winning our 31 Day K1RS Points Challenge.  All you have to do is race often in the month of January, and perform well in those races, and you will automatically start building up your K1RS Score.  The racer with the top K1RS Score at the end of January will win.  It’s that simple!  Arrive and Drive for the ultimate adrenaline rush and thrilling start to 2019 with our state of the art electric karts.


If you believe that you’re one of the finest racers that K1 Speed Toronto has, prove it by landing at the top of our K1RS Leaderboard by the end of January.  If you do, you’ll not only earn bragging rights for being the inaugural K1RS Points Challenge Champion, but you’ll also win an 8 Race package valued at $130.



What is K1RS?

K1RS is a proprietary scoring system used at all K1 Speed indoor karting locations throughout the world that ranks racers based on their racing performance and the frequency with which they race.



How Do I Gain K1RS Points?

Every racer starts at 1,200 points at the beginning of the calendar year, and can earn K1RS Points in each of the following ways:

-       2 Points for every race you enter

-       2 Points for every racer you beat

-       2 Points for the driver with the fastest lap of the race

-       2 Points for the driver with the best average lap time.



Why Does Your K1RS Score Matter?

Though a K1RS score doesn’t tell the whole story, it does generally reflect our fastest and most committed racers.  Those who find themselves atop the K1RS Leaderboard throughout the year will receive rewards and special invites into upcoming racing events.  And if you end the year at 4,000 points or more, you may qualify to represent Canada at the K1 World Championships!


CLICK HERE For Current K1RS Leaderboard


January is the month of “new beginnings”, so there’s no better time than now to begin your conquest on the K1RS Leaderboard.  Not only might you win the 31 Day K1RS Points Challenge, but you’ll also be starting the year off right and building towards reaching that 4,000 point plateau and qualifying for the World Championships.  So what are you waiting for? Swing by this January and take The Challenge! Even better...bring your bud to take on the challenge with you.


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