Treat Your Mom To Something Exciting This Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! On Sunday, May 12th, moms everywhere will be bombarded with chocolate, flowers, and other forgettable items that come and go with very little fanfare. But that doesn’t have to be the case. This year, treat Mom to something exciting she’s sure to remember for years to come – take her go-karting at K1 Speed and enjoy our 3 Races for $50 special all day long!

Why Give Experiences Not Stuff?
K1 Speed is great for all kinds of mothers.


For Moms With The Need For Speed


Is Mom the kind that channels her inner racing driver to drop the kids off on time at school, sporting games, and other activities? Bring her to our indoor track and see what she can really do! If she decides to race regularly at K1 Speed, she can even expect to increase her reaction times and learn to control a spin – further aiding in her road driving abilities and providing more safety for her children.


For The Roller Coaster-Loving Mom


Perhaps Mom is cautious out on the road but loves the thrill of roller coasters. Driving our go-karts is like riding a roller coaster, except better! She’ll be in charge of the roller coaster, which makes for an even more engaging experience.


For The Reserved Mom


Maybe Mom is the timid type, who’d prefer to take the backseat during such fast-paced shenanigans. Unleash her wild side! She can still go as fast as she wants and will likely be surprised by how much fun she discovers go-karting to be!


For The Environmentally Conscious Mom


Mom love hugging trees? Then she’ll love that our go-karts are all-electric resulting in zero emissions. Plus, there’ll be no stinky exhaust fumes attached to her clothing when she’s done racing. Her perfume smells nice enough without any of that essence of exhaust.


Fun For The Whole Family


The best part is if the kids are at least 58” (4’10”) tall, she gets to race with the whole family! See who’s the fastest of your clan in a thrilling arrive & drive session, or for larger families of 10 or more, begin planning a group event with one of our sales agents by clicking the button directly below!


Give Mom Something New And Exciting


So, don’t thank mom this year with just a boring card, flowers and chocolate. Give her an everlasting memory instead with a trip to K1 Speed!


Zero Emissions, 100% Adrenaline