Your Team Needs to be Faster!

Team Building

Looking to plan an event to get your team out of the office? Good. Ditch the group hike, and make lasting memories at K1 speed. For over 16 years, K1 Speed has been the people’s choice when it comes to doing something fun. Here’s why.




At K1 Speed, the go-karting experience is unlike anything else. Our karts are quick. The fastest in the industry to be exact. Like “speeds up to 45 kilometers per hour” quick. This means you’ll actually need to use the brake pedal here. And they’re electric, which means they’re not only faster than gas-powered karts, but are more environmentally conscious and produce zero emissions. This also means that your group won’t have to worry about their clothes reeking of exhaust. And with great speed, comes great control…




Speed is nothing without control, and driving encourages perfection. Attention to detail is everything in this sport. Learning those details quickly is essential if you want to be the fastest. Inch-perfect precision, high-speed decision making, and consistency are all attributes the best drivers in the world possess. Sound familiar? That’s because these attributes are also synonymous with business. Not only is K1 Speed a great excuse to have a blast going fast in circles for a few hours with your coworkers, but it also has real-world applications for increasing working productivity and strengthening team bonds. Here’s a hot tip: lots of minor changes are much more effective than one big change. This is true at K1 Speed and in life.




K1 Speed is the ultimate team-building experience. While out on the track, your team members will enjoy a shared experience full of adrenaline and friendly competition as they battle for bragging rights. The fun doesn’t end there. Everyone will get out of their karts eager to talk about what went on with everyone else in the group! Some might share the secrets of speed, some might silently wait for the next race eager to get revenge, but all will be left with memories that will create comradery, teamwork, and laughter that will be talked about for months to come.


Enjoy the Ride


At the end of the day, having fun together is one of the most recharging, relaxing, and rewarding ways to spend time, and what better way than to combine everything with the thrill and adrenaline that K1 Speed provides. By planning an event at K1 Speed Toronto or Montreal, you can build team chemistry and make memories that will last long after the final lap.


Whether you have a need for speed, or have more fun working together as a team, you are sure to find the perfect group activity at K1 Speed.


Reach our Group Sales department at K1 Speed Toronto at (833) 517-7333 or at K1 Speed Montreal at (833) 597-7333 to get the festivities rolling!