Challenger Series 2019

To Be The Best, You Have to Beat The Best!

You wanted competition, so we’ve delivered in a BIG way! K1 Speed Canada is proud to announce the inaugural Challenger Series.  As part of this new and exciting program for 2019, K1 Speed will host a variety of one-night competitions throughout the year providing opportunities for racers to go wheel-to-wheel at our Toronto location and test their skills against some of the best and most accomplished drivers to hit the track.  Each Challenger Series event will take on a different theme with unique rules and exciting formats that will make these competitions unlike anything that you’ve ever experienced before.  Limited spaces are available for each event, so be sure to sign-up for your spot in our next Challenger Series event today!

Challenger Series - The Eliminator

The Eliminator – K1 Speed Toronto – ON

JANUARY 31, 2019 – 7PM

We’re kicking the new year off with a BANG with the first-ever Challenger Series event taking place at K1 Speed Toronto on Thursday January 31st, at 7:00 pm.  The Eliminator will be a true test of speed and consistency, as 16 drivers will battle it out in an elimination-style tournament until only one driver remains!

The Last Man Standing Will Receive an 8-Race Package Valued at $200!

Sold Out!

JANUARY 21, 2019 – 7:00PM

Prior outdoor karting or motocross experience or a minimum of 3 races at K1 Speed or any other indoor karting facility.

What To Know And Do In Preparation For This Event:

  • Please arrive at K1 Speed Toronto 15 min prior to the start of the event.
  • Bring along your receipt or booking info.
  • Wear enclosed and comfortable shoes. (No sandals please)
  • We will provide you with all you need as far as for safety gear (helmet and head-sock). You may also bring your own.
  • We will contact you if there are any changes.
  • For any other questions regarding Challenger Series events, please email [email protected]

How It Works

Round 1

The tournament begins with a total of 16 drivers. These drivers are randomly divided into two groups of eight (Group A and Group B) for the first round of competition. The 8 drivers in Group A will hit the track for a 14-lap time-trial heat.  Every second lap (ie: lap 2, lap 4, lap 6, lap 8, etc…) will be an “Elimination Lap” whereby the racer with the slowest lap time in that interval will be eliminated from competition in that heat. At the end of 14 laps, 7 drivers will be eliminated, leaving 1 driver as the Last Man Standing. Racers are then awarded points based on the position that they were eliminated at (ie: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10–ranked in order of first eliminated to Last Man Standing).  This process is repeated again for a second 14-lap heat with the same elimination rules and scoring system applied. Points earned for each racer from both heats will be added together to get a total score.  The 4 racers with the best combined score will advance to Round 2. In the event of a tie in points between any of the racers, single best lap time will be the tie-breaker. This same process will take place for Group B, leaving 8 racers to advance to Round 2.

Round 2

This Round will begin with 8 racers–Top 4 from Group A and Top 4 from Group B.  All 8 racers will hit the track for two 14-lap time trial heats similar to Round 1.  The same elimination format and scoring system will apply to this round.  At the end of Round 2, the Top 4 racers with the best combined score will advance to Round 3

Round 3

Round 3–The Semi Finals–consists of the Top 4 drivers competing against one-another in two 7-lap time trial heats with a similar elimination format from the first two rounds.  Scoring for this round will follow this point format: 3, 5, 7, 10–ranked in order of first eliminated to Last Man Standing.  At the end of this round, two drivers will remain!

Round 4

The Final Eliminator! Our Top 2 fastest and most consistent drivers going head-to-head in a single 7-lap time trial heat.  This time, no points awarded, no second chances. Each lap counts, and the driver that posts the most top lap times after 7 laps will be The Last Man Standing, and our Eliminator Tournament Champion!

As you see, each driver will run at least two 14-lap races. If you’re fast enough and can survive Elimination, you’ll enjoy even more racing for the same price!

The Prize

The Eliminator Last Man Standing will receive an 8-Race Package valued at $200! Wow!

The buy-in is just $65, and with only 16 spots available, we expect this event to fill up sooner rather than later. So, be sure to register for your spot online today!

The Bracket
Eliminator Bracket
The Track
K1 Speed Toronto Track