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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is K1 Speed located?

K1 Speed Canada currently has two locations, one in Toronto and one Mississauga. Click HERE and visit our Location page.

When is K1 Speed open?

Monday-Thursday: 12:00pm to 10:00pm
Friday: 11:00am to 11:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to midnight
Sunday: 10:00am to 9:00pm

PLEASE NOTE: All Junior Races end by 8pm on Friday and Saturday.

What is the admission cost to go to K1 Speed?

Admission to K1 Speed is free if you’re looking to just spectate. Of course, there is a cost for the karting, food/beverages, merchandise, arcade games, pool tables, etc.

Are there franchise opportunities available?

Yes, K1 Speed offers both an international and United States franchise opportunity. For more information, please visit our Franchise page.


How old do you have to be to race at K1 Speed?

Children should be 8 years of age or older, and must meet the minimum height requirement of at least 48″ to ride in our junior karts.  Those 14+ years of age and at least 58″ or taller may be eligible to ride in our adult karts.

How tall do you have to be to race at K1 Speed?

All junior racers will need to be at least 48” (4’) tall to race. All teen/adult racers will need to be at least 58” (4’10”) to race our adult karts.

Can a child ride with an adult at K1 Speed if they do not meet the minimum height requirement?

No, all karts at K1 Speed are single-seaters. If your child is not at least 48”, they will not be able to race for safety reasons. We do, however, have a small arcade to keep the little ones entertained.

How much does it cost to race at K1 Speed?

There are various packages available at different price-points. Please visit our Hours and Pricing page by clicking HERE.

Do I need an annual membership to race at K1 Speed?

Yes, you will need to purchase an annual membership if you are looking to race at K1 Speed as an Arrive & Drive racer. If you book a party, you and your guests will have the membership waived, however you will need to purchase one if you return to do Arrive & Drive racing.

How long is the annual membership valid for?

The K1 Speed annual membership is valid for one full year after purchase (e.g. if you purchase your membership in March, it will remain active until March the following year). After the annual membership has expired, you will need to purchase an additional annual membership if you want to race, that will last for another 365 days.

Is my K1 Speed annual membership still active?

If you don’t know when you last purchased your K1 Speed annual membership, a simple phone call or trip to your local K1 Speed is all you need to do. The cashier at the front desk will be able to pull up your information and let you know if your membership is still active or expired.

What is the maximum weight and height to race at K1 Speed?

The maximum weight for our adult karts is around 300lbs, and maximum height is around 6’7”. The junior karts have a maximum height of around 5’3” and can only accommodate children – sorry, no adults in Junior karts even if you meet the height requirement!

Do you need a Driver’s License to drive at K1 Speed?

No, you do not need a driver’s license to drive at K1 Speed.  If it is your first visit however, you will be required to present a valid piece of photo identification in order to confirm your identity for the purpose of the waiver.

Do you need a reservation at K1 Speed to race?

A reservation is not required to race at K1 Speed. However, for groups of 10 or more, reserving a group event is highly recommended as “Arrive and Drive” racing is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. To begin planning a group event please visit our Groups and Parties page.

Are the karts at K1 Speed gas or electric?

All of the go-karts at K1 Speed are 100% electric. This means faster acceleration and no noxious fumes – a win-win situation!

How fast are the go-karts at K1 Speed?

K1 Speed’s 20-horsepower electric go-karts can reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour – the fastest in the industry. The Junior karts can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.

How long is the track at K1 Speed?

Each location offers a unique track available only at that location, so there are some slight differences depending which K1 Speed you visit. However, the majority of our tracks are around a quarter of a mile in length.

Is K1 Speed go-karting like bumper cars?

K1 Speed is not like bumper cars. Our go-karts are much quicker and more responsive, and we discourage any sort of contact with our karts out on the track. If we find someone intentionally bumping, they may be ejected from the race.

Do you need experience to race at K1 Speed?

No prior experience is required to race at K1 Speed. All drivers will be briefed on track safety, rules, flag and sign meanings, and kart operation prior to their first race.

Is it safe to race at K1 Speed?

While racing has its inherent risks, K1 Speed takes every measure possible to ensure all customers enjoy an authentic racing experience in a safe environment. All go-karts are routinely checked and serviced, our PROTEX barriers are the safest in the industry, and any driver found to not be racing responsibly can either have their go-kart speed decreased remotely by a member of our track staff or can be ejected from competition to ensure the safety of others. Prior to each race, every driver is given a safety briefing that goes over track safety, rules, flag and sign meanings, and kart operation. In addition, each racer is required to wear a current DOT approved helmet with a full-face cover and equipped with a visor or goggles (provided for every racer).

Can I wear my own helmet?

Yes, you can wear your own helmet at K1 Speed as long as it is Department of Transportation (DOT) approved with a full-face cover and equipped with a visor or goggles.

What clothing should I wear to K1 Speed?

All drivers must wear closed-toe shoes at K1 Speed. Sandals or any other open-toe shoes are not permitted on track and you will not be able to race. Loose-flowing garments such as dresses should not be worn. We recommend dressing casually in a shirt with jeans/shorts.

What do I need to bring to K1 Speed?

All you need to bring to K1 Speed is yourself, a form of payment, and the appropriate attire (see previous question). We’ll provide the headsock, helmet and kart!

Can my child race at K1 Speed without an adult present?

All drivers under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian with them and the parent/guardian will need to sign our Minor Liability Waiver prior to them racing at K1 Speed.

Can I bring my GoPro with me to K1 Speed?

Unfortunately, we no longer allow GoPros or any other videotaping device on-track at K1 Speed. Due to improper handling of these devices in the past, which led to damages to the devices and our karts, they are no longer permitted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How long is the wait at K1 Speed?

Wait times at K1 Speed can vary drastically based on location, time, day, and other factors. You’ll typically wait less during the week as opposed to the weekend. For an estimate on the current wait time, call your local K1 Speed directly.

Can my group all race together on track at K1 Speed?

It may be hard for K1 Speed to allow everyone in your group to race together during busier periods, as we will fill any vacant race positions with the next racers in the queue. However, during slower times you may always ask the front desk cashier to see if they can accommodate your request. If you have a group size of ten or more, we recommend booking an event with us which will provide private racing for your group. Just note, Junior and Adult karts are never mixed on-track.

Is there anything else to do at K1 Speed besides go-kart racing?

Yes! All K1 Speed centers typically have an arcade and some table-based games such as billiards or foosball to keep the action going while you’re off the track.

Is there a place to eat and drink at K1 Speed?

Yes! At K1 Speed, you can enjoy a bite to eat or a cold beverage before, after, or in between your race sessions inside our Paddock Lounge. We are also a fully licensed facility.

How long does each race take to complete at K1 Speed?

It usually takes around ten minutes to complete a race at K1 Speed, but it just depends on how fast the racers are going and whether or not there are any caution periods. So the time can vary.

Can I have an alcoholic beverage while at K1 Speed?

Alcohol consumption will be closely monitored to ensure no driver is permitted on the track while intoxicated. OUTSIDE ALCOHOL AND/OR DRINKING IN THE PARKING LOT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If we have reason to believe you are under the influence, you will not be allowed to race on track.

Are all go-karts in a race at K1 Speed the same?

Yes, typically all go-karts in a race will be similar in almost every way and are regularly maintained and serviced by our in-house mechanics. There are various power settings, however, so those who are more experienced at K1 Speed may have a slightly higher power setting than those first starting out. Since these karts are light, weight can also play a small role in your speed.

Can I reserve a time at K1 Speed?

Booking your races at K1 Speed has become easier than ever with our Online Booking platform.  Avoid the crowds and wait-times by purchasing and scheduling your races online in just a few simple steps. Reserve your kart HERE.

When is Glo-Racing?

Glo-Racing is every Thursday from 7pm-10pm at the Mississauga location only.


How many people do I need to book a group event at K1 Speed?

We require a minimum of 10 racers to book an event at K1 Speed. You can always race with less, but you will need to pay for at least the minimum quantity required.

How much does it cost to just attend an event and not race at K1 Speed?

There is no cost to simply come and spectate at K1 Speed. Only if you want to go on track will you have to pay. We encourage as many guests as you’d like to come and watch!

Why book a group event over Arrive & Drive at K1 Speed?

Group Events provide many benefits at K1 Speed over the Arrive & Drive option including: a reserved time, private racing for your group, awards for the top three finishers of the final race, and a race for position rather than time – plus other bonuses!

Can I buyout an entire K1 Speed for my event?

Yes, you absolutely can buyout an entire K1 Speed for your event! Inquire with our Group Sales department for more information about pricing and availability.

Are there meeting rooms at K1 Speed?

Yes, there are meeting rooms at K1 Speed! Every domestic location features at least one meeting space that can accommodate parties, special occasions, and company events. Browse our Locations to see the meeting space(s) available for that specific center.

How do I check event availability online at K1 Speed?

At this time, K1 Speed is unable to provide live reservations online. However, if you complete our online Booking Form, a Group Sales representative will be in touch to let you know if your preferred time and date is available.

How much does an event cost at K1 Speed?

Prices vary based on the number of races that you wish to participate in. For more information, please contact our Group Sales department by filling out our Booking Inquiry form.

Is it cheaper to have a group event than doing Arrive & Drive?

The price of a group event is typically slightly higher per person than our Arrive & Drive pricing, but that’s because you receive a VIP experience when you choose to do an event with us. It starts with a reserved time and date, so you don’t need to worry about an excessive wait time – you will start racing precisely at that time you’re scheduled. Your racing is also private for your group – you’re not mixed in with the general public out on track, just you and your buddies!
Then the racing format is different as well. Instead of the time trial-style format that you get with A&D, when you do a group event, you get a miniature pro-race weekend format with a qualifying race, and an actual race where you’re ranked by position on track, not lap time. At the end of the race, we even throw a podium ceremony where the top three receive medals or trophies depending on the package you go with. The annual membership fee is also waived for the day. You really get a lot more for your money with a group event!

Gift Cards

Can I use my K1 Speed Gift Card at any location?

Yes, you can use any cash-value Gift Cards at any of our Canadian locations.

Do K1 Speed Gift Cards expire?

No, K1 Speed Gift Cards never expire!

Are K1 Speed Gift Cards physical cards or are they email certificates?

At K1 Speed, we offer both physical Gift Cards that can be purchased onsite at your local centre, or Purchased Online for a later pick-up.  Gift Cards purchased online take up to 48 hours to be processed, and will then be available for pickup at your designated location.

Do I enter my own information when purchasing a K1 Speed Gift Card for someone else?

Yes, we recommend you enter your own information when buying Gift Cards, even if it is for someone else. The card will be made available for you or the intended recipient of the gift to pickup at your designated location.

How do I check the balance on my K1 Speed Gift Card?

Any K1 Speed center can check your Gift Card balance – simply give them a call and the cashier at the front desk can help assist you.


Does K1 Speed accept donation requests?

Since 2003, K1 Speed has made strides to give back to the community through support and in-kind donations to local organizations. Please visit https://k1speed.ca to submit your donation request. Please keep in mind that submitting a request does not insure a donation, however we do carefully consider each one. If you are approved for a donation, you will hear from us in time before your event. We recommend submitting donation requests at least one month out from its preferred receipt.