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K1 Rewards
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Introducing: K1 Rewards!

Race, Collect, Redeem  – It’s that simple.

Earn and Redeem Free Races at K1 Speed locations in Canada

When you become a K1 Speed Member, you’re instantly enrolled with K1 Rewards, and will begin to collect races immediately.



Races are automatically tracked on your account.



Race 10 times to earn a FREE race.



Redeem your FREE race on your next visit.

Visit a Location and Sign Up



1. How do I earn K1 Rewards at K1 Speed Canada?

Just race – it’s that simple. Race 10 times to earn a FREE race. The more you race, the faster you’ll earn your free race.


2. How do I redeem K1 Rewards points at K1 Speed Canada?

Every 10 races will get you a FREE Race. Once you hit 10 races, our team will help you redeem your free race.


3. Can I give my free race to a friend or family member?

Unfortunately not.  Every free race that you earn is applied to your Member account and can only be accessed by you.  You’ve done all the hard work, so you’ve earned it!


4. I came to race but the race was not added – what should I do?

Listen, champions deserve to be rewarded. If you notice the race is missing get in touch with us! Just provide your details – name and your receipt. We’ll make sure our teams look into this right away – Contact Us


5. How do I check how many K1 Reward points I’ve earned?

Our team will take the lead on checking in on your rewards. We keep track of points on your membership account. Next time you visit just ask, or give us a call for an update.


6. Do my K1 Reward races expire?

As long as you have an active membership with K1 Speed, your races will never expire.

See More About Pricing. 


7. How do I become a K1 Rewards member?

It’s simple. Visit us in-store to secure your annual membership. That’s it, that’s all.


8. What are K1 Rewards Bonus Days?

Every Monday is K1 Rewards Bonus Days! When you race with us, you’re instantly enrolled to start earning K1 Rewards. Every 10 races will get you a FREE Race. Earn your FREE race faster when you race on Mondays with each race counting as 2 races! Click Here to learn more.