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3 For $62 Weekday Walk-In Special

Need a boost to get you over the hump before the weekend arrives?  There’s no better way to get your adrenaline flowing and put a spark in your work-week than with a visit to K1 Speed.  And with our Weekday Walk-In Special, we’re making it more inviting then ever before to take to the track and get energized!


3 Races for Only $62*


That’s a savings of $31.00 from the regular cost of a race.  Our Weekday Special is available Monday through Thursday all day long during our normal operating hours. Drop by your local K1 Speed this week and begin saving!


*Excludes annual membership fee.  Races are on a per-person basis and cannot be shared (not transferrable). Pricing does not include applicable tax.

  • Imran

    Hey when do you guys think the K1 Mississauga branch will open?

    • anthony

      Hi Imran. We do not have a definitive date to announce yet, but we expect to open the doors in Mississauga in the early spring. Hope to see you there!

  • Jason

    Can we do the 3 for $50 deal split between 3 people? For example, all 3 people race together in one race (12 laps) at the same time.

    • anthony

      Hi Jason. Unfortunately not. These packages are meant for individual racers and cannot be shared

  • Karen Chalmers

    Does the 3 race package need to be used in the same day?

    • anthony

      Hi Karen. You do not have to use all your races on the same day. Any races not used will stay on your account for a future visit

  • Sara

    Can adults race too ( parent) o the same race that the kid is racing?

    • anthony

      Hi Sara. If the children are racing in our junior karts, then parents/adults will not be permitted on the track at the same time. For safety reasons, we do not mix junior karts with adult karts on the track.

  • Kelly

    Hi, what does it mean by “excludes annual membership fee”?
    And do we need to purchase this before we arrive or we could purchase this when we arrive?

    Thank you

    • anthony

      Hi Kelly. A membership is required in order to race at our tracks. If you do not already have an annual membership, you will need to purchase one ($9) before racing. This can be done when you visit.

  • Marlee beck

    Do you need a license to go kart ?

    • Toni

      No, you do not need a driver’s license to drive at K1 Speed. If it is your first visit however, you will be required to present a valid piece of photo identification in order to confirm your identity for the purpose of the waiver.

  • Mark S

    Does the annual membership include both Montreal and Toronto or do they require separate memberships?

    • anthony

      Hi Mark. The membership is valid at all K1 Speed Canada locations

  • agnese

    Hi there,
    If I am buying the race package, why is there an ‘annual membership’ fee of $9.00? I am only interested to purchase the race package & not become a member.
    Thank you

  • Doug Vaughan

    If I am buying a gift card with my credit card as a gift. How will it work in terms of transferring the card to the intended person I want to gift it for?

    • Toni

      Yes, the gift card can be used on anyone’s account.

  • Christine zhang

    Hi there. I will bring 7 kids 14 yes old to your place around 11:40 am today? Can we get walk-in price at 3 for $55 for 7 kids?

  • Ader

    Hey is this package still available or is it for existing members only? It doesnt specify….so 55 fof 3 races ? Plus new member fee correct?

    • K1 Speed

      Hi there,

      Yes, this package is still available! If you are a first time racer the $9 membership fee will be added to your total which includes your headsock and more perks.

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